India has been known for her spirit of tolerance towards people of various ideologies, faiths, cultures, and  languages.   However, there is a sudden spurt of intolerance and violence that is being unleashed in several States supported by fanatical organizations like the RSS and V.H.P. 

We, Christians, along with other minority groups, are threatened by this pseudo-attempts to bring about division and disunity in this sacred nation for the sake of selfish political gains.   

  • We need to strengthen our conviction that we are one global human family.
  •  We need to develop sensitivity to the realities of tribalism, regionalism and racism and politicizing of religions
  •  We need to find creative ways of promoting a sense of solidarity within our communities, and foster respect and mutual acceptance of each other.
  •  We also need to find creative ways of instilling in our collaborators, students and the public we work with a sense of unity            and  solidarity.


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