The province has a network of schools, spread out in the States of Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Assam, Delhi, Kerala and Jammu Kashmir. Some schools are in the cities, others in the villages; Most of the schools are owned and managed by the Sisters of Notre Dame.  In the parish schools which we administer the manager of the school is the parish priest. 

Sister M. NIshkalanka, the Education co-ordinator of the Province, organized a meeting in November 2016 for the Sisters engaged in education.   The resource person was Fr. Joseph Manipadam SDB. The participants articulated certain vital issues and challenges in our educational ministry. From the long listing of points agreed upon at the meeting, the part on 'Hope' for our Education Ministry is quoted here.

A. Our greatest hope for our education ministry:

  • ·         That we continue to be faithful to our charism and educational heritage as Sisters of Notre Dame
  • ·         That we impart Christ-centred values
  • ·         That we be agents of social transformation
  • ·         That we enable our students to reach out to the under privileged
  • ·         That we learn to use digital technology to enhance the teaching- learning process
  • ·         That we make our schools fully plastic free
  • ·         That we have social/environmental themes for our school functions and activities


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